“Fêtes votives” take place continually from spring to autumn. Respect for tradition means that the process is almost always the same. In the morning the locals meet in the meadows where the bulls will be sorted by the “gardians” and brought into the village.

The bulls, surrounded by horses, are led into the village in a ceremony called the “abrivados”. In the afternoon, the bullfight takes place in the arena and in the evening, the “guardians” lead the bulls in the opposite direction, back through the streets to the herd in what is known as the “bandidos”.

Make sure you listen to the villagers when they tell you to get behind the barriers when the bulls arrive in the village (“abrivados”) and when they leave (“bandidos”). Every village organises its own “fête votive” each year. The dates are available in our calendar.

fête votive arènes vauvert